If I ever met Glen Keane in person, I’d probably cry

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I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now. I’m busy cutting open Fruit Gushers and squeezing all of the goo into a glass so I can take a shot of it because that has always been a dream of mine and now that I’m an adult with a job, I finally have the means to make it a reality. Please leave your name and number after the beep. 

Song: UnknownLemonade
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There’s a store at the mall in my town that sells legit cutlass swords and other fun junk and every time i walk past it I’m like, “………I now know what I want for Christmas”

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Imagine you fall down the stairs, and the only thing there to break your fall is your favorite character.


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

If you could change one thing about your past, what would that be?  

uuuummm… maybe… geez now i don’t KNOW

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Song: UnknownOur Hearts Condemn Us
Artist: UnknownJozef Van Wissem
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I honestly want to hijack the Condor purely for the purpose of sneaking in, blaring Bobby Day music over the intercom to cause confusion, and sneaking back out. 

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Rum & Design

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Playing Cards

By Robert Sindermann • United Kingdom

Hand drawn zombie pirate playing cards, produced as part of in-bar promotions to support the launch of Captain Morgan Black Spiced rum.